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However, Bianca has a flirtatious crush on the most popular senior at school named, Joey (Keegan). Totally opposite of Bianca, she is anti-social and is the most feminist high school senior you could ever meet.Against boys, dances, and anything having to do with prepiness and silly fun, she swears off dating and finds herself being accepted to Sarah Lawrence a college across the country in hopes to get away from her father and the city she lives in.

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The plot is fairly standard for a romantic comedy, and runs as such: Something is rotten in the house of Stratford.

It has come to light that Katerina Stratford, the feminist, intelligent, and well, shrewish elder sister, has received an acceptance letter to a college her overprotective father doesn't want her to go to.

Bianca, the bubbly, popular younger sister, got a ride home from a boy today.

There's much anger and words are exchanged that cannot be taken back, and from all of this a new rule sprouts forth: Bianca can date when Kat does. He's mean, he's tough, and he scares off Cameron when he's approached with the idea.

Bianca desperately wanting to date, is told by her father (Miller) that she will be allowed to date when her sister Kat does.

Desperate and not knowing how to get her sister to 'date for her', ends up asking Cameron, her new French tutor, to help her with her predicament. An outcast and rumored to have sold his kidneys on the black market for a new set of speakers, also attends Padgua high, and is unsuspecting of what will happen soon in his future.In the meanwhile, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Also has a Sitcom based on it, which aired on ABC Family in 2009 starring Lindsey Shaw as Kat and Ethan Peck as Patrick. Despite only lasting two years and being Cut Short, it amassed an impressive fanbase and was generally considered better than expected for a series recycled from a film.10 Things I Hate About You & The Taming of the Shrew The historical and cultural contexts of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew (TTS) and the 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You (10TIH) differ exceptionally, resulting in the film’s expression of values unlike those expressed in Shakespeare’s original text.What Joey doesn't know, is that Cameron secretly plans to date Bianca, while he pays Patrick to take out Kat. But it is so funny, cleverly written, and not entirely true of American teenage culture, but pretty close.The acting is wonderful and in my opinion nothing in the movie would have worked as well, without the people who played their characters. I can't say enough good things about this movie.I do remember the first time I saw it, coming away thinking that I wanted to be just like Julia Stiles' character in it, though.In contrast, 10TIH, a modern film appropriation of TTS, largely challenges the values of Shakespeare’s play.It presents to Kat is influenced by external factors that also contextualise the film’s setting; she mentions feminists Sylvia Plath and Charlotte Bronte, and is featured reading the former’s novel, Bell Jar, and the film applies ‘riot grrrl’ music ‘of the angry girl variety’, with lyrics such as ‘I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation’ to Kat in order to define her from the opening scene of the movie.She was so cool and did such an excellent job in her role, that still to this day I consider her to be the coolest teen in any 'teen movie'.Basic Plot: Cameron (Levitt), a new student at Pagua high school, falls in love with a sophomore named Bianca Stradford (Oleynik).


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