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In their public pronouncements, they rarely speak of compassion but focus instead on such secondary matters as sexual practices, the ordination of women, or abstruse doctrinal formulations, implying that a correct stance on these issues — rather than the Golden Rule — is the criterion of true faith.Yet it is hard to think of a time when the compassionate voice of religion has been so sorely needed. There is a worrying imbalance of power and wealth and, as a result, a growing rage, malaise, alienation, and humiliation that has erupted in terrorist atrocities that endanger us all.

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Many of us, because we think we are wise and prudent, choose to give up hope, to blame ourselves, to accept reality, to lead double lives.We are engaged in wars that we seem unable either to end or to win.Disputes that were secular in origin, such as the Arab-Israeli conflict, have been allowed to fester and become "holy," and once they have been sacralized, positions tend to harden and become resistant to pragmatic solutions. Yet sadly we hear little about compassion these days. Each has formulated its own version of what is sometimes called the Golden Rule, "Do not treat others as you would not like them to treat you," or in its positive form, "Always treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself." Further, they all insist that you cannot confine your benevolence to your own group; you must have concern for everybody — even your enemies.He will perform at over 200 venues in 90-some countries all over the world.He will perform in Japan, South Korea, and Thailand.CDT has translated an excerpt from the essay, which tells of a “better world” where children can be children, free speech can blossom, the citizenry can vote, and the international community can feel welcome: […] I believe that in a better world, three-year-old children wouldn’t have to jump the gun [on life], people wouldn’t have to join the government or strike it rich in order to realize their personal worth, and growing up wouldn’t mean losing the opportunity and ability to speak [your mind].In a better world, my daughter, who is studying archaeology abroad, could return to her motherland and have no problem staying in touch with her far-flung friends online, and could read the latest literature in her field to her heart’s content.I see the utility of this choice: it takes into account only what you can accomplish in the years of your life, and leaves out your children and your children’s children.More importantly, to make this choice is to give up the fight for your personal destiny, and thus to give up the essence of life.


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