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Shy children, in particular, benefit from homework, writes .Like every child in the world, when I was a kid I hated homework — after a long day at school, the last thing I wanted to do was open my books again at home and rehash whatever tedious topic we had learned in class.

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I have sat in the company of mothers (though I am very sure fathers do it too) as they completed parts of their children’s homework, just to speed things up and avoid further arguments.

I’ve seen beautiful creations wholly made by parents submitted as a child’s project — it makes you question the validity of the whole situation.

Several studies carried out in the US, Australia and the UK have suggested that homework is not only an unnecessary evil but may prove counter-productive and restrict academic progression as children become bored and unhappy.

The same studies have suggested that no proven non-academic benefits, such as teaching self-discipline or instilling a strong work ethic, exist either which leads me to wonder why our children have to do homework at all.

But there were times I actually enjoyed it — writing an essay, opening a clean page of a copy, and, with a freshly sharpened pencil, being able to complete whatever work had been assigned to us that evening.

It was an accomplishment coupled with a wonderful feeling of joy when I finally finished and was free to do as I pleased.By completing an exercise at home, unaided by the teacher, it becomes more firmly rooted in the brain than simply listening to or watching it being worked out in class.Practice makes perfect so by spending time on a specific exercise, be it reading, writing, or maths, outside the classroom, children are more likely to retain it.Academic progression is undeniably important and understandably parents like to know how their children are managing at school.Some might argue that homework gives parents valuable insight into how well their child is coping with different areas of the curriculum.This is something I experienced with one of my own children.When he was younger, he would never have dreamed of asking a question in class but as soon as the books came out after dinner, he would let me know what aspects he didn’t quite grasp and together we would solve the problem.This resulted in him feeling like he had overcome a challenge and consequently he felt more confident going in to school the next day as he was fully prepared for the next round.Yes, I totally get that by home-time, children have had six hours in school and should be allowed to throw their bags in the corner and forget about them until the following day.Homework is seen by many as a pointless exercise and has no doubt been the cause of many a heated argument, but I believe it in essence it is a good thing.Firstly as a means of reaffirming something which was taught earlier in the day at school; because we all know how quickly a lesson, a new word, an equation, or an explanation can float off onto the breeze as soon as the school bell has rung.


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