Advantages Growing More Trees Essay

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Trees and plants are a key player in the water cycle process globally.

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An area filled with trees and greenery always looks beautiful but once all the trees are cut down and the area is cleared, the overall beauty of the area is lost.

Although, the land is used for the betterment of the society, we should also remember that these forests will take centuries to grow again.

But, once the trees are cut down, this means that the carbon dioxide is not being utilized and is not getting replaced by oxygen so the overall weather pattern of the world will be affected.

This is the reason why some places are experiencing too much heat while some are experiencing too much cold weather.

Sometimes deforestation is also done to cut down the dead trees that are not useful and replace them with new plants of trees.

This way the same space can be utilized for the same purpose however there will be a significant increase in the productivity of the area.So, let us stat discussing the major advantages and disadvantaged obtained from the clearing of forests.One of the possible and a significant advantage of deforestation is the extraction of essential natural resources such as timber and charcoal.They are the primary source of numerous resources that are important for our survival.They not only provide the major amount of oxygen, they also provide habitat to the majority of the wild life.Deforestation tends to create a large number of job opportunities for the unemployed.Through deforestation not only the demand for wood cutters and machinery increases but the demand for manufacturing, transportation, and construction industries also increase.Deforestation is one of the major contributors to the green house effect.One of the major functions of plants and trees is to take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen.More and more people will be needed for the available jobs thus increasing the employment level in all industries.All deforestation is not done for just clearing the area and using it for commercial purposes.


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