Alcoholism Among College Students Essay

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Drinking week after week causes the body to start building a tolerance to alcohol.This means it will require you to drink more in order to get the same high.

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On the other hand, binge drinking for women is considered four or more drinks within a two-hour time period.

The high-risk period of binge drinking for college students is during the first six weeks of their freshman year.

An estimated one in every four college students admit to having poor grades or other academic problems because of their drinking behavior.

A lack of effort in school can make a difference in whether a student passes or fails a class.

Contact a treatment expert to find out more about rehab facilities that focus on alcohol recovery near you.

A large percentage of college students consume alcohol by binge drinking.

Rather than drinking to socialize, an increasing number of young adults are drinking to get drunk.

Since liquor has one of the highest alcohol percentages by volume, it takes fewer drinks to feel its effects.

It can cost thousands of dollars to retake a course or change majors due to bad grades.

In addition, failing classes will push back a student’s graduation, taking more time and money to complete the degree program.


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