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“I was really unhappy and just drank to escape my life. Ashamedly I slept with someone and could not even remember the person coming home with me until we bumped into each other the next day.“When I went to quit drinking, I realized that alcohol had taken to my body in such a way that I couldn’t stop.I went out less and less, so started losing friends. I would shake like I was going to break, I would start to sweat, I could not think until I had another drink.

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I walk him inside, hand him a plate of cut-up veggie sticks and cheese slices, and tell him he can watch 30 minutes of PBS before we have to start homework. PM: While cooking dinner, I start telling my husband stories about my day. My husband takes all the kids outside to play and burn off some energy before we start their bedtime routines, and I’m confronted with a mountain of dishes. For all three of my pregnancies I abstained from drinking, unless I was taking a sip of champagne or wine to celebrate something — and even then, I only did so after asking my doctor if that was cool with him.

As he listens, he casually pours me another glass of wine. That’s when the phone rings, and on the other end of the line, it’s my best friend who’s had a rough day. I tiptoe downstairs to curl up on the couch and stare at Facebook for a few quiet minutes, with glass number 4 sitting in my right hand. A few days later, I’m sitting in a paper gown in the doctor’s office, waiting for my annual pap smear. The truth is, I’ve been drinking in a steady stream for years, almost without notice.

“It seems like people are more accepting of wine than other alcohol,” says Carrie, a mom from Pennsylvania whose last name has been withheld for privacy.

“It’s considered classy, even healthy to some, due to antioxidants.

the list of pressures and impending deadlines pile up.

And so, like a lot of moms at the end of a long day, I turn to the Internet and my nightly wine and seek comfort in knowing my problems also belong to others.

I was ripping my family apart.“This past year I have gone to work drunk, blacked out in clubs and bars and can’t remember getting home.

I could not function without it.“My addiction built steadily and, before I realized it, I had become a morning as well as an afternoon drinker. I lay awake most of that night, and by noon the next day every bone in my body ached.

I’d have an inbox full of hate mail before you could even finish this sentence. “The illusions we embrace around drinking include ideas like it’s ‘just wine.’ An addictions counselor refers to that mentality as minimizing its significance.

It’s the same mindset that dictates wine is safer than ‘hard liquor’, when in truth it is the same drug in different forms.” This is probably the reason why, up until recently, I truly didn’t think wine was as potent or addictive as hard liquor. And while I might have a gin and tonic at a summer BBQ with friends, wine was supposed to be safe.


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