American Dream Salesman Essay

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Rather than admit that their relationship is irreconcilable, Willy retreats to a previous time when Biff admired and respected him.

As the play continues, Willy disassociates himself more and more from the present as his problems become too numerous to deal with.

The play Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller is a tragic story that displays how misinterpreting the American Dream can ruin your life.

To Willy Loman, the American Dream is being rich and loved by everyone around you.

I don't know what to do." Ben quickly shifts the conversation to Alaska and offers Willy a job.

Linda appears and convinces Willy that he should stay in sales, just like Dave Singleman.In fact, the only thing consistent about Willy is his inconsistency.From the very beginning of Act I, Scene 1, Willy reveals this tendency.In his pursuit this he found himself working way too hard and trying to be good at something he wasn’t.He also spent too much of his time worrying about if people liked him when he should have been focusing on finding himself.Willy's confidence quickly resurfaces, and he is confident that he has made the right decision by turning down Ben's offer; he is certain he will be a success like Singleman.Thus, Willy's memory has distracted him from the reality of losing his job.The third major theme of the play, which is order versus disorder, results from Willy's retreats into the past.Each time Willy loses himself in the past, he does so in order to deny the present, especially if the present is too difficult to accept.The second major theme of the play is contradiction.Throughout the play, Willy's behavior is riddled with inconsistencies.


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