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She compares the movement of the white clouds in the sky at night with that of the white mares on the ground.The lines below were taken from George Orwell’s narrative essay They crowded very close about him, with their hands always on him in a careful, caressing grip, as though all the while feeling him to make sure he was there.Sometimes, such as when you write about topics for school, you have to communicate something complex.

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An analogy is a direct comparison between two different ideas or things.If your facts are confusing, you might use an analogy to help explain them.This works especially well when you have ideas or special terms in your facts that you think are somewhat complex and might benefit from a bit of extra explanation. After getting feedback from Rebekah and the rest of his peer review group, he goes home.It was like men handling a fish which is still alive and may jump back into the water.He relates his poems to the summer showers and tears from the eyes.He develops the similarity to show spontaneity of art when it directly comes out from the heart of an artist.These lines are taken from William Shakespeare’s In the quoted lines, he tells his darling that, as a flea has sucked blood from both of them, and their blood has mingled in its gut, so the flea has become their “wedding bed.”Writers use analogy to link an unfamiliar or a new idea with common and familiar objects.Analogies help increase readers’ interest as analogies help them relate what they read to their life.Analogies are powerful tools that can help you more clearly explain ideas, especially if your ideas are complex.He has spent time researching how the process works, and he has cited his sources and put the information in his own words.However, when he reads his paper to the members of his peer review group, they are confused by ideas like ''electoral college'' and ''faithless electors''.


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