Applied Ethics Abortion Essay

Applied Ethics Abortion Essay-32
The article concludes with examples of cases in the United States and Ireland where the rights of the fetus are considered more important than those of the mother because of existing laws.

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The Bar has a rule of conduct called the “cab-rank” rule.

This obliges barristers to accept instructions regardless of the identity of the client, or the nature of the cause, or the barrister's own opinions about the client's conduct.

The argument over all this is where do we draw the line.

Can someone just abort a baby that has only a couple of fingers missing?

The information given to us was in very large quantities and I had to sort through a lot of irrelevant information and pick out the information that I needed.

Most of the information I gained was through the Internet, ' Desperate choices' video, class worksheets and also a survey that I carried out to find out people's opinions.On the Internet it was hard to find the information that I needed.I found lots of sites with the for or against argument.Judges, likewise, must decide disputes according to law; their function is not to pass moral judgments on litigants. As a lawyer with a commitment to autonomy, I see abortion as an issue that overwhelmingly concerns the autonomy and dignity of the pregnant woman herself.The reflections that follow, therefore, do not pretend to constitute some systematic overview but rather, some personal thoughts and ideas which may prompt further discussion. “Autonomy” derives from the Greek and means, literally, “self rule”.I wanted to know more and look into detail what abortion was and for what reasons do women have for choosing to abort their babies.In my view abortion is the termination of an unborn baby.By taking into consideration the rights of the fetus an “antagonistic relationship” between the woman and her unborn child may occur.Therefore, women should have more autonomy in the issue.And what message are we sending out to members of society that are disabled.The information that was given to me showed both sides of the argument and was very useful to find out facts and figures about abortion in the UK.


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