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This law, in many peoples opinion, is a direct violation of our rights as American citizens.Some believe that this is a gateway law that gives the government the ability to become even more overbearing and suppressing to society in general.Curfew Law There are many laws passed in today's society that have a foundation for protecting our youth.

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The whole issue behind teen curfew came about when 80 percent of juvenile crimes began happening between 9a.m – 10p.m.

Nothing seemed to reduce the crimes so the only solutions the law enforcement officials could come up with was a curfew.

However, there are also people that feel that this law is vital to the well being of our communities. It provides a community with the power to regulate what time minors have to be off the streets and in their homes.

To a teenager a curfew law is just another reason for police to pull you over at night.

For example, the parent will know what time to be expecting their child to come home instead of assuming where they are and what they are doing.

Not only that, but it also teaches the teen responsibilities. The reasoning behind the parents who think that it is not right for teens to have a curfew is because they feel as though the police officers are putting all teens into one category not knowing anything about them.You want to go watch your best friends play but you know that you won't get back in time to make the curfew, or say your seventeen and you want to go to a movie on a Friday night, but unless your back home before a.m.Teens today are under tremendous pressure from all sides.So not only are some of the parents upset about the curfews, but also because they feel as though their child is... It was initially designed to help teenagers learn responsibility through an established curfew.Having the curfew law is definitely better than jeopardizing your teenage years for something unnecessary.I know how much they cost because I've received one in the past. The windows on the vehicle were tinted very dark, so there is no way the officer could have seen my friend or I in the vehicle.I was coming back from Walmart one Friday night when I was seventeen years old. We were neither speeding nor driving recklessly, so there was no reason for the officer to pull us over.He saw a black sports car on a Friday night and just assumed there were teenagers in it doing something illegal. This is because you have never had to experience its control and because it doesn't affect you at all.That is unless one of your sons or daughters receive a ticket.Try to imagine for a moment that you are in our position.For example, take a regular away-high school football game in which your team are the visitors.


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