Argumentative Essay Immigration Laws

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It is only more pronounced today due to the ease of travel and conflict in the world so that instead of a trickle of people, it is happening en masse especially and raising attention.

It is also happening in reverse whereby the world is migrating to Europe and the prosperous north.

It is equally true that the contact through trade like the famous Silk Road with Asia also contributed to cultures meeting, familiarizing and eventually living together albeit uneasily and not always on equal footing as the stronger cultures superseded the weaker ones.

ORDER ESSAY Therefore the immigrant phenomenon that we are experiencing today is not in any way new in the history of man and we are not seeing the last of it.

The immigrants also create a market for products they consume in their new communities. However for others it is true that the immigrants take up then scarce jobs available and therefore are seen as competitors and a threat to the social fabric.

A spot check on the ground however shows that immigrants usually take the unwanted menial jobs and the people who propagate this argument of scarce jobs are usually good for nothing layabouts who find foreigners a threat.

Whether it’s good or bad, moving to survive is a constant.

If this is so, the world should then deal with the root causes of this immigration like war and peace, famine, hunger and consumerism, prosperity, wealth and poverty, climate change and environmental conservation, and development partnering as opposed to foreign aid among other like issues. For the country receiving immigrants like Europe today, it is not necessarily a bad thing as these people will provide labour to this aging continent.

Countries like England also forcefully relocated their criminals to outback lands like Australia thereby creating a thriving economy in the world due to trade between the continents. Many more Europeans also left the old continent as Europe was referred to then due to poverty, religious persecution and to escape from diseases like the Black Death which plagued much of Europe in the 18 century. Of course this immigration had its dark side whereby the visitors had to conquer and subdue the local inhabitants like it happened to the Africans, Red Indians in America and the Aborigines in Australia.

The legacies of this immigration form the basis of the immigration issue today.


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