Art Appreciation Descriptive Essay

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The use of inhabitable space allowed for the paintings to look more realistic.

Caron and Michelangelo both try to reveal plasticity and depth in their works.

On the right and left of the face of Christ are a lily and a sword, symbolizing respectively the innocent and guilty.

The painting shows that Christ has come to be the stern judge of the world.

A famous artist from Italy during this time was Michelangelo Buonarroti.

He commissioned a fresco painting behind the altar of the Sistine Chapel, in Vatican, Rome, known as the Last Judgment.

Under this apprenticeship, he learned the technique of fresco painting which is the technique he used when he commissioned his painting of the Last Judgment (Sistine Chapel 1534-1541).

Antoine Caron was a master glassmaker and illustrator who was born in Beauvais, France.

This tradition of the church was established by Michelangelo, showing how the influence of Italian art made its way to the northern part of the country. The style of the painting compared to Michelangelo’s is similar due to the fact that Antoine was also a Mannerist.

Coming from the northern part of Europe, many artists, like Antoine, became increasingly entrances with myriad details of the visible world and better and better at capturing them.


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