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It plays a crucial role in enhancing the security of online exams.Proctoring is a way of conducting distance exams and protecting the authenticity of the person taking the exam.

It’s objective is to classify a large set of text stimulated into a small number of discrete categories for responding to the possible grades.

It can evaluate student’s knowledge, do an analysis of their answers, providing feedback and creating personalized training plans.

It is harsh to disappoint a user in an entertaining field: As the introduction of AI and Machine learning is grabbing the interest of many people (Google Duplex and Face App are best examples of that).

In this article, you can find 6 best ways to use AI in education.

The Deakin genie is designed to answer questions related to everything a student needs to know about campus life.

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Every individual has its own way of mastering a topic or a subject, Personalized learning means different things to different people.The same method can be used when we learn some grammatical rule based on instances only from the area that interests us with all the content related to education adapting to us.After decades of inertia, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the study of creating machines that can perform cognitive tasks such as problem solving and learning, has experienced a resurgence.Automated essay scoring (AES) or automated grading is a method of using machine generated programs to allot grades to essay written in a educational system.It is a procedure of applying natural language processing and educational assessment .With personalized learning students can choose content that interests them and can show what they know in different ways.One student might do a digital slide presentation, another may write an essay or produce a video.Chat-bots are intelligent softwares, working like machine translation systems”.An ideal chat-bot can interact with the user and respond in a suitable manner with natural language.One critical component is giving students more choice over what they learn and when they learn it.Students can move forward if they are ready and get help if they are behind.


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