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• A capacity to communicate complicated information in a manner that makes it easy for students to understand.• Previous experience of adopting unique teaching methodologies, including documentation of all lessons, organization of group discussions, and focusing on students who needed extra attention.Outline examples of how you have coped with large classes of excitable young children.

Due to my exceptional organizational skills and strong initiative, along with my capacity to perform well under pressure, I can play a critical role in any fast-paced teaching environment.

Also, I can simplify lesson plans to achieve curriculum objectives while ensuring the overall standard remains high.

Show how small groups are conducted, and how you believe students must be taught, how to think critically.

As you are Teaching English as a Foreign Language, you must highlight your experience of teaching English specifically to international students.

As you don’t have space to do this in a CV, make sure you spell out your various achievements and awards.

You know you’re a great teacher and the perfect fit, it’s time to let the hiring manager know this as well.

You are under the microscope as an assistant teacher, so make sure your cover letter is flawlessly presented with zero grammatical errors or spelling faux-pas.

As you’re likely to be relatively inexperienced, try to add examples of how you have helped kids in your community, and consider what you can add to the school.

It should go without saying, but you have to make sure to individualise each entry.

A cover letter for a secondary school teacher is very different to a teaching assistant cover letter and so on.


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