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He claims that Banksy’s work has a certain level of insincerity that can be mistaken for sophistication unlike Cartrain who spends time to give his work meaning.

She sees this in how he uses opportunities that present in the form of the physicality of a site.

His stencil method also makes his work clearly distinct from the works of other graffiti artists and he is able to work on a variety of themes.

In the same article, the critic also attributes Banksy’s success to the fact that he is a comic artist as compared to fellow graffiti artists most of whom happen to be tragedists.

According to Jones, the use of humor in Banksy’s work has helped catapult him to the level of a modern day radical with an impressive following by people who are against the state.

While analyzing Banksy’s work, he compares it with the work of Cartrain.


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