Book Publishing Business Plan

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Now, we’re not covering writer’s block or terminal confusion here, so let’s assume you now have your tools of preference and are ready to write the next great American novel. Some writers work organically and let the story tell itself, some like outlines and some prefer pretty, colorful mind maps, charts or graphs.

Either way (even the organic), you’re on the road to understanding the Book Business Plan process.

She writes fiction in several genres as well as non-fiction, and blogs at Deborah-Riley Magnus, Writeaholic.

She’s lived on both the east and west coast of the United States and has traveled the country widely.

the Book Business Plan starts when the book starts. At the moment you begin a novel or non-fiction book, you should already have a clear vision of the message, the audience and even the venues and arenas where it can be sold.

This isn’t wishful thinking, guys and gals, THIS is the beginning of your plan.Who knows, you may even exceed your expectations, but how will you ever know if you haven’t set them? In fact, if you’d like to win a copy of downloadable handbook.Just like working on your book, show your business plan to people, let them make suggestions and offer ideas. Just go to and hit the button for your FREE downloadable PDF.After the story is written, you edit, you get other people to read your work, you edit again and you begin the process of finding publication.Again, we’re not exploring agents or publishing methods today, so let’s move on.This will help you clarify exactly why this is the right time for you to start your publishing business.*If you’re already clear on the advantages a publishing business would have for you, feel free to skip down to the next section* Although it’s rare, lawsuits can happen.Thankfully, this step-by-step guide and some awesome online services will help you determine if you should start a publishing company and the steps for how to do it stress-free.I have also enlisted help from Joe Solari of to provide some updates to this article.Non-fiction writers will have a far better grasp on this than fiction writers for one simple reason …non-fiction writers are required to develop a proposal before they even start writing.


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