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The book covers a number of different essay writing skills that all college students should have.

Some of the topics within the book include mapping an essay, researching, avoiding plagiarism, finding your voice, and more.

Making grammar mistakes can knock off points on an assignment no matter what grade a student is in.

While grammar checkers are getting better all of the time, they still cannot catch every little mistake, which is why it is so important to know grammar rules.

Liebman states that the book can help students write an essay for any class, but that it specializes in helping students write English and history essays.

This is great since most essays are for these types of classes.

The best part of this book is that it is easy for students of all grade levels to use.

The second edition of this book is currently for sale on Amazon.

The book is free of charge with Kindle Unlimited, or it is .99 without it.

It is for sale used and new in paperback, with prices for both are right around . Perfect grammar goes a long way when it comes to writing a perfect paper.


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