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He wasn't a star when we met him, but a guy working in a boot store, and he was also at art school doing graphic design. "Of course I'm going to be a rock star," that kind of thing. The funny thing was, as Roger will tell you too, he had this belief in himself as a singer, but wasn't yet a singer because he hadn't had the chance to mold himself. And that process went on for quite a few years, until he's in the studio doing things like the introduction to "You Take My Breath Away" [from 1976's ], which we play in the [Queen Adam Lambert] show. John [Deacon, Queen's bassist] was kind of not interested [in singing]. But the four of us were all very keen to create, and it was quite competitive.But this was just Freddie, and he was in there with Mike Stone, a very unsung hero engineer, and he would just do track after track, multitracking himself. In the very early days, he said, "You are what I want. We were mutually supportive, but also quite combative, like John comes in with something and goes, "I want to do this." And Roger goes, "That's crap, that's disco, we don't do disco.I've got this little cassette." He had spent hours and hours in the studio putting together all of the solos that I'd done up to that time. And it was a process that did us proud all the way up to a certain point where we realized there was an element missing. It happened with things like "I Want It All." I brought "I Want It All" [from 1989's ] in. Then I'm thinking, It's not really my song, it's Queen's song, because it's credited to the four of us. We were brought up with everything from Mantovani, which is sort of light classical, to proper classical—Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, whatever.

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The guitarist is a passionate campaigner for animal welfare.But in 2006, its surviving members teamed up with former Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers and hit the road as Queen Paul Rodgers. And since 2011, former finalist Adam Lambert has been the guy in the frontman role.His powerful vocals and flamboyant stage presence work well with Queen's music.(Stereoscopic, or 3-D, photography re-creates the illusion of depth by utilizing the binocularity of our vision.) The impressive book includes his own reflective narrative (May didn't need a ghostwriter), and comes with an OWL 3-D viewer, which brings out the full effect of these images.The cover photo, and many of the images within, focuses on Queen's iconic lead singer, Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991 after battling AIDS.Well, the answer that comes to mind to me is he was a self-made man. He knew where he wanted to be, he had a total focus on how he wanted to live, to create, to be perceived, to work and to play. When we first played with him, he ran around like a whirling dervish and kind of screamed, and we were a bit taken aback. And not just for the music but for the presentation as well. Well, I guess we were all conscious in different ways; I'm the guitar player, and I have a different kind of consciousness, and Roger, who's very much the rock star drummer, has a different kind of awareness of where we sat in music in general.All of that was very much part of him, even when we first met him. Not in an arrogant way, but just in a very kind of innocent way. We thought, Oh, my God, the guy has talent, but he's very untamed. What happened was, when we first got into a studio, Freddie started to hear himself coming back off the tape, and there was this enormous cataclysm, because he didn't like what he heard. Let me try this."In the space of a few months, he had transformed himself into a guy who not only had a great instrument but actually knew how to use it. Normally, it's the four of us singing harmonies, because we did that; well, the three of us. John [Deacon] has a consciousness of the technical stuff and business too, which is important, and he also became an amazing bass player and a songwriter. I guess I'd already started writing songs before I met Freddie.The first tour billed as Queen Adam Lambert was in June 2014, and a few weeks ago, the band wrapped up the U. leg of its latest tour, which will head to Europe in November before reaching New Zealand and Australia in mid-February 2018.(Here's the full tour itinerary.)In concert, May is still very much a guitar hero.And at the same time, somebody had told Roger [Taylor, Queen's drummer/singer]. But I think it was obvious that Adam had that kind of special, indefinable thing going for him, something unique, and almost scary. Some people could take him, and some people [couldn't]. A lot of people look at Adam and think, What the hell does he think he is? And in one of those rolls we found this portrait of Freddy [Mercury], which is on page—I can't remember. What came up for you while putting it all together?Then we got a phone call from What was so captivating about Adam's singing and stage persona? And everybody deifies Freddy now, but if we'd been sitting here 40 years ago, people were all out to get him. Seeing these pictures—the essence of the 3-D picture is it's much more than a snap, it's almost like a tableau that you could walk into and see the things that you were seeing at the time—and all sorts of memories came out. You get to the hard part where you really have to shape the book, and I started scratching my head about which dates were which and what came in what order.


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