British Essayist Christopher Hitchens

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WASHINGTON - Christopher Hitchens, the author, essayist and polemicist who waged verbal and occasional physical battle on behalf of causes on the left and right and wrote the provocative bestseller "God is Not Great," died Thursday night after a long battle with cancer. Hitchens' death was announced in a statement from Conde Nast, publisher of Vanity Fair magazine. "I love the imagery of struggle," he wrote about his illness in an August 2010 essay in Vanity Fair.

Anderson Cancer Center in Houston of pneumonia, a complication of his esophageal cancer A most-engaged, prolific and public intellectual who enjoyed his drink (enough to "to kill or stun the average mule") and cigarettes, he announced in June 2010 that he was being treated for cancer of the esophagus and cancelled a tour for his memoir "Hitch-22." Hitchens, a frequent television commentator and a contributor to Vanity Fair, Slate and other publications, had become a popular author in 2007 thanks to "God is Not Great," a manifesto for atheists that defied a recent trend of religious works. Even after his diagnosis, his columns appeared weekly, savaging the royal family or reveling in the death of Osama bin Laden.

Hitchens was an old-fashioned sensualist who abstained from clean living as if it were just another kind of church.

In 2005, he would recall a trip to Aspen, Colorado, and a brief encounter after stepping off a ski lift. 'Sir, that would be inappropriate.' In what respect?

An essay for Vanity Fair was titled "Why Women Aren't Funny," and Hitchens wasn't kidding.

He had long been unhappy with the left's reluctance to confront enemies or friends.Use this list of renowned English essayists to discover some new essayists that you aren't familiar with.Don't forget to share this list by clicking one of the social media icons at the top or bottom of the page.No Democrat angered him more than Clinton, whose presidency led to the bitter end of Hitchens' friendship with White House aide Sidney Blumenthal and other Clinton backers.As Hitchens wrote in his memoir, he found Clinton "hateful in his behaviour to women, pathological as a liar, and deeply suspect when it came to money in politics." He wrote the anti-Clinton book, "No One Left to Lie To," at a time when most liberals were supporting the president as he faced impeachment over his affair with Monica Lewinsky. He fought with Vidal, Noam Chomsky and others who either suggested that U. foreign policy had helped caused the tragedy or that the Bush administration had advanced knowledge.He was smacked in the rear by then-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and beaten up in Beirut.He once submitted to waterboarding to prove that it was indeed torture.For the May 2010 issue of Vanity Fair, before his illness, Hitchens submitted answers for the Proust Questionnaire, a probing and personal survey for which the famous have revealed everything from their favouritecolour to their greatest fear.List of notable or famous essayists from England, with bios and photos, including the top essayists born in England and even some popular essayists who immigrated to England.He would note his strong disappointment that Arthur Miller and other leading liberals shied from making public appearances on behalf of Rushdie after the Ayatollah Khomeini called for his death.He advocated intervention in Bosnia and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.


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