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Remember you do not have class on campus every week - some of the learning is online in your own time.Our classes are called "Labs" (short for Laboratories) where you work with your team on solving "Pracs" - problems that help you see how business law works in action. Step 1 is reading the assigned chapter from the e-book and making notes.

But this is what makes studying this subject interesting.

The skills you acquire in interpreting written rules and documents, thinking analytically, working collaboratively and ethically, and arguing persuasively are some of the most important you will acquire at UNSW.

Particular emphasis will be given to understanding legal reasoning and argument.

This course will also introduce students to the legal method of writing, analysis and research.

The following table shows how the CLOs for this course relate to the overall PLOs and indicates where each CLO and PLO is assessed: During term, you will work in class with the two Tutors assigned to your Lab, and online with the Tutors who moderate the online Tutorials.

In the first instance, you should raise questions related to your learning or the meaning of course materials either during Labs or the Online Tutorials.If you have questions on the material you can ask them in the Weekly Topic Discussion Forum.Be sure to post your question (or answer) in the appropriate topic thread. Your team will work together on short Pracs based on the week's readings.In the concept videos you will hear the lecturer narrating a slide presentation that aligns with the textbook.These concept videos guide your reading but are not a substitute for it.In addition, the knowledge and skills developed in this course will be essential for successful study of other business law or taxation courses for those students who are interested in undertaking other courses offered by the School of Taxation and Business Law.The study of business law and taxation is essential for attaining a deep and well-rounded understanding of the other disciplines offered by the UNSW Business School.Alternatively, questions may be posted on the Discussion Board ('Ask your Questions Here' tab) on Moodle.Students may also refer questions related to the organisation of the subject to the Lecturer-in-Charge.The Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) are what you should be able to demonstrate by the end of this course, if you participate fully in learning activities and successfully complete the assessment items.CLOs also contribute to your achievement of the Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), which are developed across the duration of a program for all coursework students in the Business School.


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