Casterbridge Essay

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If the reader has assumed that these overheard conversations are melodramatic tricks, let him also note that such tricks are more melodramatic if the listener accidentally overhears.From the point where Lucetta ignores Henchard and on, is where Henchard’s fate is so stacked against him that it becomes undeserved.Additionally, Henchard’s thoughtless decision-making results in Lucetta dying from embarrassment of her past with Henchard.Cole Magee AP Literature Block 2 10/16/2012 The Effects of a Tragic Hero in The Mayor of Casterbridge by: Thomas Hardy Within the novel The Mayor of Casterbridge, Hardy’s main character, Henchard, is displayed as a tragic hero who has started off in a high position but has fallen due to an unacknowledged tragic flaw.Henchard becomes an instrument for the suffering of the women around him, resulting from his ultimate failure to recognize his rash behavior.Thus our interest in these characters is aroused in direct proportion to the catalytic effect that Henchard's character and behavior have in motivating their actions.Throughout the novel is felt the influence of King Lear, Shakespeare's massive tragedy.Concerning Lucetta, the reader is thoroughly aware that she will not marry Henchard.It is only the pitfalls and vicissitudes of their lives that provide interest and suspense.Henchard’s former wife, love affair, and “daughter” are all mutually unable to coexist with the ever-impulsive tragic hero.At the beginning of Mayor of Casterbridge, Hardy achieves a realistic relationship in which the common man of Hardy’s era is able to make with the lifelike Therefore, Lucetta recognizes Henchard’s hamartia, or his inability to deal with his tragic flaw.


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