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Hellerportrays the White House as being, "disgraceful," according to Merrill. Other critics such as Brustein also wrote that Heller'sworks are extremely hilarious (228).

Hellerportrays the White House as being, "disgraceful," according to Merrill. Other critics such as Brustein also wrote that Heller'sworks are extremely hilarious (228).Merrillbelieves that this work criticizes politics almost from page one and that itdoes an excellent job of it in fact he writes "A number of reviewers found thatthe Washington satire ‘brilliant and incisive'. Although the novel is funny is uses humor in order to further satirize. Peek agrees with this statement by saying that "It's [Catch-22] not a flag--waving war adventure, but a novel using humor to discredit or ridicule aspectsof out society" (24). Peek also goes on to comment on the amount of comicaldialogue in the novel.Throughout these two novels, Catch-22 and Good as Gold, Hellercriticizes many institutions. Karl agrees with this statement by offering an example of thesatire of both the military and civilian institutions in Catch-22: The influence of mail clerk Wintergreen, the computer foul-up that promotes Major Major, and the petty rivalries among officers satirizes the communication failures and the cut-throat competition Heller saw within both the civilian and military bureaucracies of the 1950's.

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Another example of thehumor in this novel is the parades that Scheisskopf orders.

It is not that heorders these parades that is comical it is his how serious he takes them.

Throughout this novel Yossarian is trying to escape the war, and in order to doso he does many improper things. It is about Gold'sexperiences with the government while being employed in the White House.

It alsodeals in detail with Gold's family problems and Gold's struggle to write a bookon the contemporary Jewish society.

Many other institutions are also satirized in Catch-22. Medicine is one of the institutions that is heavily satirized.

Bryant pointsout the extreme variety of institutions that Heller satirizes with this "Hissatire is directed toward the institutions that make up society, business,psychiatry, medicine, law, the military. He doesthis by portraying medicine as a science that is almost barbaric and not exact.Perhaps one of the best examples of a comical character and who actssatirically is Milo Minderbinder. Milo runs a black-market syndicate in which heclaims everyone gets the profits. Heller in fact goes beyond criticizing hesatirizes.Throughout his two major novels Catch-22 and Good as Gold hesatirizes almost all of America's respectful institutions.(23)Karl summarizes the satirazation of the military with this: The enemy in Heller's book is not simply the chaos of war, but also the deadly inhuman bureaucracy of the military-economic establishment which clams to be a stay against chaos while it threatens human life more insidiously then battle itself.Heller also questions the need for the death and carnage throughout the novelasking if it is really necessary.Inthe novel Peckem along with Colonel Korn plot to take over General Dreedle'scommand. They do this by placing priority on such things as a perfect bombpattern which endangers many men's life's. "The Grail Knight Departs." Beyond the Waste Lands: AStudy of the American Novel in the Nineteen-Sixties. in "Heller, Joseph." Contemporary Literary Criticism. Milo's company acts as everything from a foodsupplier to a mercenary. Theone that Heller writes about in particular detail is the mission where Milobombs his own squadron killing countless lives. Heller writes that Milo claimedresponsibility for the act.


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