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Later translations take unwarranted liberties with the text that result in wrong impressions.The text found on the Vatican website appears to be a copy of this translation.

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The second contribution in particular is important for its relation moral theology to the doctrine of original sin. * The two pieces present an overview of references to the concept of "magisterium" and point out how the reference has been used in different kinds of ways, many of which are inconsistent.

This is a worthwhile contribution to the entire question of authoritative teaching and moral theology by an author who has a demonstrated competence ni the field. * The author is to be distinguished from the following, John A. The book attempts an overview of 'Catholic' ethics, but is less than critical in its approach to most fundamental questions.

Evidence seems to suggest that there was a practice of private, devotional, confession practiced on the continent prior to the introduction of the Celtic, juridical practice of tariff penance. If one accepts his premises, it is difficult to argue with him. Fleming does an excellent job of exposing it through a portrait of a real probabilist. * This is Foucault's classic work which made a significant contribution to what is frequently called post-modernism, one of the key elements of which is the concept of 'de-construction'. * Merely one example of a historical overview that could help the researcher find a general reference or situate oneself in a historical period. The reference is given here for historical purposes Dublin: Gill and Macmillan, 1970.

It is the premises – the static concept of natural law, likened too much to juridical law – that faults the attempt. While this is neither detailed nor fully accurate, it can be used as a quick reference. * The first two are important studies by one of the pioneer thinkers in the area of grace while the second two discusss the relationship between the teaching office of the church and moral theology. * The 'early Fuchs', shortly after his 'conversion' to a 'revisionist' manner of thinking.

This list of sources has no pretense of being exhaustive. It follows the Latin text very closely, and although there are some slight variations, the sense of the text remains true.

In my opinion, it remains the best English translation of the documents available.

* I still have not been able to get my hands on this book, but I know that it is one of the places where one can find Boyle's extremely important article, "The Setting of the Washington: Georgetown Univ. * This book is a 'must' for anyone studying Catholic Moral Theology.

Admittedly, the definitions and explanations provided here reveal the author's moral theological perspective.

The sources used (bibliography lists only 20 items) are very limited, as is the horizon of the author's approach. * This might serve as a first introduction to the history of moral theology, but it does not go very deeply into the subject matter nor does it deal very extensively with primary sources. * The first is a very good overview of an important period. * In this book, Gilligan, an assistant to Kohlberg in working out his theory of moral development, suggests that girls give a different response than boys in their manner of moral thinking.

However, the brevity of the text should indicate that this is not an in-depth study. This publication contributed to the development of an idea known as the ethics of care. * Two early works that give a foretaste of Grisez's method of thinking.


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