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Finally, did the 1964 Civil Rights Act, 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and 1968 Housing Act establish desegregation?I will evaluate this question by examining the extent of segregation in schools, public places, and housing.

Finally, did the 1964 Civil Rights Act, 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and 1968 Housing Act establish desegregation?I will evaluate this question by examining the extent of segregation in schools, public places, and housing.

I will then analyze the progress made in each goal as the result of civil rights legislation using time series data and bivariate analyses in the short term, long term, and in comparison to whites.

Finally, I will offer an interpretation as to the degree and level of advancements and success the movement has had.

Taken together, these acts advanced the major goals of civil rights leaders of the time: improvement of black economic opportunity, voting rights for African Americans, and desegregation.

Civil rights activities and demonstrations between 19 undoubtedly led to the passage of these acts.

But the ultimate effectiveness of the legislation is one of a matter of degree.

To what extent was the civil rights movement successful in achieving its goals?Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks and the federal government (including individual U. Other groups of people affected by these same laws and practices – including American Indians, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Native Hawaiians, Native Alaskans, Jews and Arabs – are seldom included in textbook discussions of racism. Connections between the fight for racial and economic justice are almost never identified in textbooks, such that the enforced poverty of large groups of people, and their social and political exclusion, are justified by their own personal inadequacies, or solely because of the color of their skin.These absences strip away the underlying motivation for collective anger and social action. Any efforts to form labor unions or to join with poor whites (such as the Southern Tenant Farmers Union in the 1930s) to gain economic power are overlooked in textbooks.In honor of Martin Luther King Day we thought we’d take a look at some of the amazing songs across many genres that helped to give strength and hope in the endeavor for equality and justice.Although the Civil Rights Movement of the 50s and 60s helped to end lawful segregation and called attention to the struggle of African Americans for equality, as we still see today it did not end racism completely.Nor is there mention of anti-racism activism in the decades since the late 1960s, in the face of actions such as the Rodney King beating in California, the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia, the Atlanta child murders, the Bensonhurst and Howard Beach beatings, Bernard Goetz and Amadou Diallo killings in New York City, and the Jasper Byrd dragging in Texas.A more accurate telling would address directly the long and continuing river of racial oppression in the United States, and the organized resistance to swim upstream, if not to redirect the river.Rather it is the result of the persistent effects of segregation and discrimination, as well as a variety of outside factors.The future for African Americans after the civil rights acts was inevitably shaped by the long history of discrimination and disadvantage that preceded the legislation’s enactment.The tedious task of organizing thousands of people to change their attitudes, behaviors, votes, and spending habits determined more successful outcomes than did charismatic individuals.Mid-20th century racism came in faces other than the white-sheeted Klan member and the law enforcement officer with attack dogs and fire hoses.


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