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You might write an essay full of good ideas but fail to answer the question.

You might write an essay full of good ideas but fail to answer the question.

The first part devoted to one subject and the second part devoted to the other subject.

This means that subject one and all the items of comparison involved are explain in the first part then the second part handles only subject two.

Before starting to write an essay, it is very important first to understand what it is about.

First of all, you should know what does comparative mean.

It involves identifying the similarities and differences of the items in comparison.

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You need to develop a list of ways in which the subjects are the same and how they are different.You should definitely know what is a comparative essay before you get to writing.A comparative essay is a composition made of many paragraphs that try to explain how two subjects are either similar or different.They are not limited to specific topics; they can cover almost every topic on earth as long as the subjects have some relation.Comparative means the one aimed to measure or judge subjects based on their similarities and differences to each other.This will then be followed by another paragraph that also explicitly explains the same aspect but now it deals with the second subject.This is to say that the first and second paragraph explains the same aspect of comparison but deals with the first and second subject respectively.Therefore, a comparative essay is an essay that usually needs the author to compare two subjects that have some relation in terms of similarities and differences.The subjects might have some close relation or may be very different.The conclusion is meant to give the reader an overview of the essay.This is made up of a review of what has been captured in the body paragraph followed by a conclusion about the two subjects.


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