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Both the creation process and the produced artifacts ought to be socially shared.

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“Constructionism (in the context of learning) is the idea that people learn effectively through making things.

Constructionism is connected with experiential learning and builds on some of the ideas of Jean Piaget.”“Constructionism--the N word as opposed to the V word--shares constructivism's connotation of learning as "building knowledge structures" irrespective of the circumstances of the learning.

The emphasis has shifted from general laws of development to individuals' conversation with their own representations, artifacts, or objects-to-think with.” (Ackerman, 2004).

See also constructivism, Constructionist learning object Constructionism asserts that constructivism occurs especially well when the learner is engaged in constructing something for others to see: "Constructionism shares constructivism's connotation of learning as `building knowledge structures' irrespective of the circumstances of the learning.

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Constructionism : research reports and essays, 1985-1990 / by the Epistemology & Learning Research Group, the Media Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ; edited by Idit Harel and Seymour Papert.Particularly, he views knowledge as fragments of dialogue, knowledgeable tellings at a given time within an ongoing relationship.This relationship can be between learners, between a learner and a teacher, or between a learner and an environment experienced by the learner.It is through the creation and sharing of an object (maybe notes or diagrams or even a website or computer program) that it becomes what Papert calls a public entity and that constructionist learning is so powerfully reinforced.[...] Papert also added to this process a computer program that allows us to visually represent ideas and concepts and play with them for as long as we want.” (Harel, 2003).Steier highlights the circularity of reflective thinking in social research, and presents a number of ways mirroring occurs between learners (like two mirrors facing each other) where each reciprocator affects the other.Awareness of such issues can help frame the dialogue used to communicate more effectively.Gergen describes a lecture as a conversation where, because the lecturer has already set the content, the student enters part-way through the dialogue and finds they have no voice within it.Steier (1995) looks into this dialogue process in more detail.For your own learning, this single essay is a poor vehicle.Here I am, stringing together words about constructivism in my word processor, and there you are, reading these words using your own cognitive framework, developed via your own unique background and frameworks of language and meaning.


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