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The acknowledgment should be placed in a footnote at the bottom of the first page of the paper or chapter.Additionally, you must determine whether use of the material can be classified as a “fair use” by performing an analysis of your use of each copyrighted item.Knowingly representing the work of others as your own is plagiarism.

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Thank you, Hoping to Submit Soon Graduate Student Dear Hoping to Submit, Congratulations on nearing the completion of your dissertation!

This milestone represents the culmination of years of research and, no doubt, includes insight and knowledge that builds off other scholars in your field.

Putting your original work into the public realm where it will both inspire future researchers and be subject to challenge is an integral part of graduate study at Cornell. This fee covers filming the dissertation and publishing the abstract, as well as the cost of mailing and binding library copies.

All doctoral students are required to submit their dissertation to the national dissertation repository hosted by Proquest, as well as submit copies for both print and online circulation through Cornell’s library system, so that the works will be publicly available. There may be times when the content of a thesis or dissertation will be fully or partially published elsewhere, or includes patentable technology.

It’s worth noting that authors retain the copyright to their works.

You’ll also have options to make your dissertation available for sale, allow it to be included in Google Scholar, or order bound paper copies for your own use.Cobb PDF A Glossary of Terms Passed upon in American Trade Mark Cases, Helen Mae Colegrove PDF The Employer's Liability Act of Massachusetts, William Henry Feiker PDF Employer's Liability Acts, as to Co-Employees, Thomas Francis Fennell PDF The Winding up of a Corporation, Le Roy Noah French PDF The Effect of Recent New York Code Amendments to Law of Attachment, Edward A.Freshman PDF The Dissolution of a Partnership by the Death of a Partner, William Mosher Gould and Joseph Alfred Greene PDF Strikes and the Rights of and Remedies against the Strikers, R. Gunnison PDF Labor Legislation, Benjamin Wallace Hall PDF Voting Trusts in Corporations, Le Roy Horton PDF The Guardian Ad Litem, George Whitworth Hoyt PDF Partition in New York, Thomas Maurice Keane PDF Liability of Owners of Real Property for its Negligent Condition, Thomas H.Leslie Bockes PDF The Constitutionality of Oleomargarine Law of Pennsylvania, N. Bonbrake PDF Injunction under the New York Code, E. Bowman PDF Contracts in Restraint of Trade, Thomas Francis Cassidy PDF Liability for the Spread of Fire, Harry Myron Chamberlain PDF The Powers and Duties of the Mortgagee, Chester O.Clark PDF What is and What is Not Unlawful Discrimination by Common Carriers, Howard Cobb PDF Burden of Proof in Cases of Contributory Negligence, Howard Owen Cobb PDF The General Personal Liabilities of Stockhholders in Corporations, Lorenzo M.The Code of Legislation of the Graduate Faculty includes this language on page 35: To ensure broad public access to doctoral dissertations, each doctoral candidate must sign a contract with Pro Quest/University Microfilms, Inc. In these cases, it’s possible to embargo the thesis/dissertation for a set period of time (one or two years, with possible extensions) while the patents or publications are finalized.When an embargo is requested only the abstract is made publicly available.PDF Collisions in United States Admiralty Jurisdiction, Burton Hoag Brownell PDF Enforcement of Stockholders' Liability in Kansas Corporations, John Morris Sutton PDF Enforcement of the Liability of a Stockholder in a Foreign Corporation, Darwin Curtis Gano PDF The Law of Fixtures in New York, Nelson Lester Keach PDF Government by Injunction, Henry Merton Merrihew PDF Fraud in the Organization of Corporations under General Laws, John Henderson Servis PDF Constitutionality of Section 29 of the New York Liquor Tax Law of 1896, Thomas Francis Fennell PDF Powers under the New York Statute, Joseph Alfred Greene PDF Riparian Ownership in Lakes and Ponds, George Whitworth Hoyt PDF Criminal Anthropology in its Relation to Criminal Jurisprudence, Francis Alice Kellor PDF What Constitutes a Taking of Private Property for a Public Use, Louis Hiram Kilbourne PDF Negative Agreements Affecting Land, Robrert Harper Murray PDF The Kansas Mortgage Cases, Alexander Otis PDF Law of Imputed Negligence - Parent to Child, William J.Schultz PDF Codification and Preservation of the Roman Law, John Edmundson Alexander PDF Foreclosure of a Mortgage by Action with Special Reference to New York Law, Cleveland Gardner Babcock PDF The Legal Effect of Notice Given by Common Carriers to Limit their Liability, Cyrus Day Backus PDF The Legal Relations Among Shareholders of a Corporation, George Franklin Bailey PDF Ascertainment and Settlement of Claims against Decedents' Estates under New York Law, G.You must follow the guidelines for acknowledging the work of others in the “Code of Academic Integrity and Acknowledging the Work of Others” (published in the .If you use any copyrighted material in the dissertation or thesis, it is your responsibility to give full credit to the author and publisher of work quoted.


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