Counseling Crisis Paper Research

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When power failed at the gym, they traveled to airports in Dallas and Atlanta.

A recovery team of administrators was soon assembled in Houston.

Crises that develops on the base of special psychopatological background such as borderline, depressive crises and crises that arise from addictive disorders and addictive families are in the focus of the course.

The special areas of crisis intervention are covered through case examples and studies.

The aim is to provide a basic understanding of crisis intervention concepts.

An important task is to position the crisis intervention activities in the map of psychological activities and competences. ISBN-13: 978-0190201050 Recommended reading list Aguilera, D., C. Consensus among researchers on a definition has been illusive for a number of reasons.First, contributions to crisis theory have been made by researchers coming from multiple disciplines.In psychology, for example, a crisis is defined as “an acute disruption of psychological homeostasis in which one’s usual coping mechanisms fail and there exists evidence of distress and functional impairment” (Yeager & Roberts, 2003, p. In political science, a crisis consists of a “breakpoint along the peace/war continuum of a state’s relations with any other international actor” (Brecher & Wilkenfeld, 1982, pp. In health care, a crisis is conceived of as a “transition for better or worse in the course of a disease, usually indicated by a marked change in the intensity of signs and symptoms” (Anderson, Anderson, & Glanze, 1998, p. Each researcher approaches the topic with his or her own units of analysis, lenses, tools, and biases.Precipitating Event: Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area on August 27, 2005.The plan called for several senior administrators to stay on campus to ride out the storm. Administrators were stranded for four days without food, utilities, or means of communication.immediate crisis Responses: Students, who had just arrived on campus to start a new semester, were evacuated ahead of time by buses and cars to a gym at Jackson State University in Mississippi.It summarizes several approaches to crisis management and suggests that managers in the future may be best served by new strategies which require broad, abstract thinking as well as specialized, technical knowledge; continual assessment of external threats and internal vulnerabilities; the creation of a crisis center; mobilization of experts with multiple and diverse perspectives from inside and outside the organization; and joint problem solving with community leaders and government officials.Organizational crisis is a difficult concept to define.The team set up an emergency Web site to communicate with students and faculty.David Pilo, an alumnus and cofounder of Yahoo, donated manpower and Web-hosting resources.


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