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If your character is bossy and stubborn, show that. Readers should also be able to readily identify characters other than the main ones. His dialogue is constantly described as “drawling.” Ex.It’s helpful to pick two or three adjectives or traits to identify a character with—especially when you have a large cast of characters. Rubeus Hagrid – giant, bearded, carries a pink umbrella.You want something interesting and memorable, but not quirky or outrageous.

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Hagrid is also immediately distinguishable by the way he talks: “Blimey, Harry, didn’ yeh ever wonder where yer mom and dad learned it all?

” It’s helpful if the physical traits repeatedly associated with a character are indicative of their personality.

Readers who are invited to do that usually feel like they know the characters better than readers who are told what to think.

Your protagonist should change over the course of your story.

Creating believable and compelling characters is essential to much creative writing, from books and short stories, to biographies and poetry.

The following exercises will help you create and develop your characters.

Can you name the novels they come from and what they have in common?

The biggest mistake new writers make is introducing their main character too late.

[*I use male pronouns inclusively here to represent both genders only to avoid the awkward repetition of he/she or him/her, fully recognizing that many lead characters are female and so are a majority of readers.] I’d love to impart some gem that would magically make you an expert at character development. Fellow Pantsers, don’t ignore or discount this training.

As Stephen King advises, “Put interesting characters in difficult situations and write to find out what happens.” I identify as a Pantser, so I’m sympathetic if you can’t imagine creating a character and giving him a personal history before starting to write.


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