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Your goal may change along the way, but having the goal helps you prioritize and see the options.

A goal will allow you to tailor your time in the program to give yourself a competitive edge in that field.

Tenured teaching positions are as limited as they are competitive.

But there are plenty of other options, like editorial positions, copywriting, technical writing, marketing work, and essay writing, to name a few.

Remember, most GTAs will be teaching freshman composition.

In your application, emphasize anything that speaks to your formal teaching experience (paid or volunteer), such as tutoring, writing center counseling, or even coaching or outdoor recreation.

To avoid falling into camp with the MFA naysayers, here are three tips to make the most of your MFA. It’s great that you want to be the next Faulkner, but your MFA will not guarantee you a successful career as a novelist.

In addition, life doesn’t stop happening at you as you pen your breakout novel, and that means you’ll need money.

What I can say after a semester and a half at CSU is I used […] Since December, after reaching the end of my first semester of graduate school, I have been searching for something more from poetry.

Largely because of my Poetry & Pottery course, I am coming to realize that the “something more” I crave is perhaps something less.


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