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The information is sufficient tojustify a little doubt about the argument's conclusion—but not at all specific enough to undermine the argument's conclusion as much as does answer choice (B).Option E : The failure of government intervention to affect the rate of inflation could be seen to support, not weaken, the conclusion. Thyrian lawmaker: Thyria's Cheese Importation Board inspects all cheese shipments to Thyria and rejects shipments not meeting specified standards. Therefore, since the health consequences and associated economic costs of not rejecting that 1 percent are negligible, whereas the board's operating costs are considerable, for economic reasons alone the board should be disbanded. The threat of having their shipments rejected deters many cheese exporters from shipping substandard product.

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Such a quarantine program might lead horticultural companies to start selling tulu plants only if they areless than 24 weeks old, thereby minimizing the chance of quarantine by minimizing the chance of detection. Last year the rate of inflation was 1.2 percent, but for the current year it has been 4 percent.

We can conclude that inflation is on an upward trend and the rate will be still higher next year.

Option C : There is no guarantee that such research willbe successful at reducing the age at which tulu plants can be reliably tested. If the government ensures that no tulu plantsless than 30 weeks of ageare sold, then the specific problem mentioned in the passage would be overcome.

Option E : This will not help overcome the problem.

The government ministry plans to reassure worried gardeners by requiring all tulu plants to betested for fungal rot before being sold.

However, infected plants less than 30 weeks old have generally notbuilt up enough fungal rot in their systems to be detected reliably.

Option C : The argument's conclusion is aboutinsurance companies' profits on collision-damage insurance alone, so other types ofinsurance, and the rates paid for them, are not relevant.

Option D : The condition of the roads and streets in each town probably contributes to the frequency of collisions in each town.

And many tulu plants are sold before they are 24 weeks old.

Which of the following, if performed bythe government ministry, could logically be expected to overcome the problem with their plan to test for the fungal rot?


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