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It affects your employability: one of the main reasons students undertake postgraduate study is to improve their employment prospects.Many aspects of work (including strategic planning, trouble shooting, problem solving and critical evaluation of projects and processes) require higher-level thinking and reasoning skills, and prospective employers will want to see evidence of these skills. It affects your academic success: if you want to achieve higher grades, being able to take an informed and analytical approach to your studies is very important.

It affects your employability: one of the main reasons students undertake postgraduate study is to improve their employment prospects.

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The lower steps of this stairway are the basics that support moving to the higher-level thinking skills that underpin a critical approach.

Here is a summary of the different steps: Source: ‘Critical thinking: online guidance’, the Open University (2009) - no longer available.

For most people, most of their thinking is subconscious, that is, never explicitly put into words.

The problem is that when you are not aware of your thinking you have no chance of “correcting” it.

The current version can be found at Critical thinking: online guidance from the Open University You may find it useful to review our Academic writing page Academic writing Hong Kong University: Critical thinking University of Leicester: What is critical writing?

Imagine being able to learn – in just one hour a week – dynamic problem-solving skills that can be applied directly to actual workplace situations.And it can be incorporated into your existing training programs for a blended learning option.Each course takes approximately 1 hour to complete.The single most significant variable in determining the quality of what you learn in college is your thinking.Certainly your instructors will play a role in your learning.Some of them will do a better job of helping you learn than others.But even the best instructors can help you very little if you lack the intellectual skills necessary for thinking well through the course content.Participants follow a self-paced lesson path with each critical thinking course building on the other.Participants also receive a free online download of the book and access to an online book club to discuss their thoughts as they read the story of heroism and effective thinking.The RED model lays out a path for understanding how critical thinking works and for developing each of the essential skills. If your thinking is unrealistic, your thinking will lead to many disappointments.


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