Dead Poets Society Essay Neil'S

Dead Poets Society Essay Neil'S-40
Keating’s teachings were rightfully to blame for Neil’s death.

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So they don’t think straight and think of the quickest way out of it and then next thing you know they’re dead.

Summary Charlie wakes Todd in his bed and tells him that Neil is dead. The next snowy morning, Todd heads down to the lake with the boys in tow.

Headmaster Nolan delivers a mournful tribute to Neil and announces that he’ll conduct a full inquiry into his death at the request of his family.

Neil’s friends gather together in secret, waiting for Cameron, suspecting him of having betrayed them.

Another time Neil shows this, is when he tells Todd, a friend of Neils, that he is going to try out for the play in town.

For him to be able to be in it he has to have a letter of approval from his dad and the school.He reads the Thoreau quote written in his own hand on the first page and begins to sob.The voices of Welton boys singing transition to a shot of a service for Neil held in the school’s sanctuary.Then the day before the play Neil has gotten caught by his father red handed.When Neil was walking into his dorm room he sees his father sitting on his bed. I told you, you need to focus on your grades and school work, so tomorrow I want you to go back there and tell them you can’t perform.” Neil does not like this at all. Keating tells Neil that he should do the play that night. Keating drives them to the theatre and they go inside and take their seats.He observes how beautiful the snow is and then immediately vomits. Todd shrieks repeatedly that Neil’s father must have shot him, that Neil would never leave them.The others protest, but Todd escapes from their grasp and runs toward the lake, screaming as he goes. The camera zooms out on the snowy lake as Todd walks out onto the dock, appearing miniscule. He goes to Neil’s desk and finds “Five Centuries of Verse” in it.Instead of Neil telling his father that he wants to be able to make his own decisions instead of him making them for him, Neil stayed quiet and was told he was going to go to ten more years of school because of what he just did.Then later that night Neil took his fathers gun and took his own life because he thought he had no way out except to kill himself. Like I basically what I said before “ Even when you think there is no escaping from a really bad situation, just remember there is always a way out.” So when Neil began school at Welton Academy, he was doing fine, making friends, and doing outside activities out of school.After all, they believe their strict practices to be what’s best for the students, despite the fact that Neil would’ve cited those very practices as a key component in his decision to end his life.Keating’s contrasting ideologies are therefore the odd piece out in the equation, and the obvious branch to prune to ensure that things return to normal at Welton.


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