Dieting Makes You Fat Essay

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The practice of dieting is simply to limit and cut down the calories; it is complex to perform because it can be prolific or maybe not, it totally depend on the dieting individual, because the reason of dieting varies where it is observed that it can be due to peer pressure to maintain relationship, cultural norms and social stigma that girls should be slim and skinny.

Besides that many people are influenced with trends and media celebrities where they portray and develop fantasy among them.Physical beauty is one of the most cherished and loved characteristics in human and wise people often say that beautiful people earn more respect and get more opportunities round the globe.For this reason everyone want to look smart and healthy, on the other hand obese and overweight people use many measures to achieve their ideal body weight by approaching slimming centers, and follow strict dieting plans.Their journey, to achieve ideal body weight, if not well planned, may result in more complications and other associated health risks.This expedition is fraught with different dangers and unwanted results.There are many types of diets, some are for health reasons, but some can do the opposite.Most people eat diets that are healthy, simply because they regard eating as a big part of life and want to live healthily.Some people are just paranoid about their weight and beauty.Sometimes, being natural is beauty, no matter how you look.There are many ways to go on a diet, and just how, is up to you.Diets of high carbohydrates support athletes that compete in swimming or physical activities with lots of energy.


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