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The parochial mindset of people also gets better due to urbanization.Since people from rural areas have somewhat superstitious outlook and they follow old age traditions and rituals like child marriage, dowry, gender discrimination etc.

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People who are from rural areas are kept deprived of basic facilities, but because of the process of urbanization they make use of such resources to the best of their capabilities.

Due to urbanization, the extrinsic companies having international presence in our nation, often set up their projects in these localities, giving jobs and also promoting the foreign direct investment.

As in cities one finds better and more employment opportunities, the standard of living of a person automatically becomes higher.

The rates like death toll, birth rate and fertility rates are also quite low in urban regions.Since so many people move to cities, it causes scarcity of resources leading to the formation of slums in that area.Urbanization leads to an immense shift of working population from agriculture to industries and also leads to a decline in the agricultural productivity.Urbanization implies an increase in the urban population. It dates back to the time when sites like Harappa and Kalibangan were developing.It is quite understandable that when people or an entire group of people for that matter move from one place to another, especially from rural to urban areas they look forward to a better standard of living.Urbanization involves the shift of population from rural areas to the urban regions.The meaning of urbanization can be taken in two diverse contexts – sociological and demographical.It leads to people doing illegal things like murder, kidnapping, robbery.A lot of people also believe that Urbanization is the root cause behind the increasing crime rates in big cities.Scientists believe that it is not just the movement of people, but it also has a great impact on the attitude, behaviour, values and habits of the migrants.Due to the concept of Urbanization, the composition of various cities has seen a lot of changes.


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