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One of today's hot topics is "political correctness." This idea concerns the "proper" names of races, genders, nationalities, and professions.That means that words which used to be common have been changed in an effort to please everyone and offend no one.While it may sound nice to some people to be known as "vertically challenged" rather than to be called short, the name does not increase their height, nor does it prevent others from noticing their size.

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In this novel, the government, in order to limit citizens’ capacity of thinking about censored topics, invented a new language, , many words were simply excluded, because if there was no word to determine a crime, then the crime itself could not be committed.

This strongly correlates to the modern phenomena of political correctness, which has a similar approach and ethical value.

Some black people prefer the term African-American. Yet whenever I turn on talk shows (like Rush Limbaugh or Colin Mc Enroe from Connecticut), both hosts and callers give examples of politically correct jargon and forcefully impose their beliefs by arguing with and yelling at their opponents.

I honestly don't understand the hysteria over political correctness.

Should Orientals be called Asian-Americans or is it more respectful to designate each separate country: Japanese-Americans, Chinese-Americans, or Korean-Americans?

Then there are Polish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans. If you're of multiple descent, then what are you called?For example, if you call a blind individual “a person with sight disorders” it will still point to their blindness, and possess the same meaning – the inability to see.By calling someone “African American” when they are not from Africa, you are trying not to say “black,” thus giving off the impression that you feel the word “black” is an insulting word worth avoiding, which in turn makes it insulting because you appear like you think it is (Geeko System).In 2012, the New York City Department of Education published a list of 50 words that can be considered insulting (CBS New York).It is not clear how such words and expressions as, for instance, can offend other people.The concept of political correctness seems ridiculous and ineffective due to the aggregate of several factors.The first of them is that expressions meant to omit an “uncomfortable” topic still directly point at it.Politically correct language limits communication and impoverishes language, as it is not natural.People constantly have to mind what they say in fear of getting sued or physically harmed, which leads to increasing stress.This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers. , in which he described a totalitarian society where people had no freedom to express their thoughts without fear.


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