Disguise In The Odyssey Essay

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Odysseus meets Telemachus when he goes home and he is still disguised as a beggar.Odysseus begins to act as the beggar, however Athena changes him into a taller and younger looking man.Most call out to other stories in Greek mythology, elevating the Odyssey by reminding its audience of the epic’s rich, mythic tradition.

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The Sirens enchant Odysseus with their lovely song, and even Penelope, despite all of her contempt for the suitors, seems to be leading them on at times.

She uses her feminine wiles to conceal her ruse of undoing, every night, her day’s work on the burial shroud, and even gets the suitors to give her gifts, claiming that she will marry the one who gives her the nicest things.

She then keeps her promise of revealing herself to him when he returned to Ithaca, and she pledges her aid to him.

Odysseus and Athena next decided to return Odysseus home disguised as a beggar.

Storytelling in the Odyssey, in addition to delivering the plot to the audience, situates the epic in its proper cultural context.

The Odyssey seems very conscious of its predecessor, the Iliad: Odysseus’s wanderings would never have taken place had he not left for Troy; and the Odyssey would make little sense without the Iliad and the knowledge that so many other Greek heroes had to make nostoi, or homeward journeys, of their own.Athena then goes to Ithaca and assumes a disguise to convince Telemachus to go on a journey to seek news of his father.From the very beginning of the book Athena, an immortal, disguises herself as a mortal to relay news to another mortal.But by revealing his name at the end of this episode, Odysseus ends up being dogged by the god Poseidon.His beggar disguise allows him to infiltrate his palace and set up the final confrontation with the suitors.Throughout the book, the Gods disguise themselves as humans.This forced the mortals to show hospitality to everyone they came in contact with because they never knew when one could be a God.There are many times Athena disguises herself for Odysseus' well being. As the mentor she helps orchestrate every part of the journey while Telemachus takes care of the household. Odysseus' fate is to return home alive, however, it is his destiny, and punishment that he will endure and suffer this long journey.Throughout the poem, Odysseus prays to Athena that she will help him make it home, because he does not know that his fate is to make it home alive.While at the castle, Athena at first disguises herself to try and convince him that he is home.Odysseus, however, believes that she is tricking him.


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