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On Disneyland Paris’s official website (no date), two of the criteria to clarify and to emphasize the restaurant service type are “Table service and Buffets,” which do not appear on Walt Disney World’s official website (no date).

Besides, one factor of meal rituals which is also quite different from the United States is drinks.

In Walt Disney World, drink is forbidden in the park for both staff and customers because Disney parks are designed for family and this regulation is applied to all the parks in the world except Disneyland Paris. Consumer Behavior: BUYING, HAVING, AND BEING 10th edition Pearson Education Limited Essex England

Since France considers drinking wine or beer is part of a meal, they are no difference from other drinks. postversion=2009020914 US53064 04-Feb-2008 PRN20080204 The Walt Disney Family Museum.

The cultural aspects on Disneyland® between the United States and France The facilities, services, and products of Disneyland® are different between France and United States, for example, park design, Fastpass regulation, and menu design based on the theory of supranational culture, national culture, and rituals as follows.

Supranational Culture and National Culture ANNE U Chart 1: The comparison of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions between the United States and France (Hofstede, 2012) Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI) in France, 86, is much higher than in the United States, 46, which explains why Disneyland® made different strategies in these two countries.

Without drink, it’s not a completed meal and guests won’t be satisfied in the park (Yue, 2009).

Therefore, based on the French meal ritual, Disneyland Paris sells alcoholic drinks, such as beer, wine, and cocktails, in most of the restaurants except quick service restaurants.

Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI) under Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, supranational culture is a degree which reflects how people face an unpredictable situation.

If UAI is high, it represents a tendency of structure, punctuality, and stability.


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