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Instead, the Crown wanted to use her as an example and have the judge sentence her to six months in prison to deter others from spitting on cops during their arrest. A detainee can threaten a police officer, he can try to hit him, and not bother that officer one bit.“Those who get arrested on a regular basis know the police are terrified of getting spit on. So if a detainee can put the fear of death into an officer simply by spitting on him or her, he is going to do it.Levels of HIV in saliva are not high enough to allow transmission, even if the saliva comes into contact with a mucous membrane such as that of the eye.

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"It's perfectly safe to supplement your own natural lubrication with saliva," explains Patti Britton, Ph D, a clinical sexologist in California and author of The Art of Sex Coaching.

"In fact, spit is probably the world's oldest sex lube, something singles and couples have been using in a pinch since the beginning of time." The one exception: if either you or your guy has an active mouth infection, such as inflamed gums, a sore throat, or an oral herpes lesion.

For one thing, saliva is a natural mouth disinfectant, says American Dental Association spokesperson Kimberly Harms, DDS. "Over 300 medications, like decongestants and antihistamines, cause dry mouth as a side effect," Harms says.

"It helps maintain the health of your gums, prevent tooth decay, and wash away food particles, and it provides disease-fighting substances to prevent cavities and other infections," she says. Desert mouth tends to spring up as you age and health concerns force you to take more medication, she adds. The fungus can cause a yeast infection in your mouth, which is called "thrush," Harms says.

“When we in the justice system perpetuate this myth without question, without evidence of the risk, without any fact-based analysis, we are feeding into this irrational anxiety,” noted Judge Felicia Daunt during sentencing of a 36 year-old woman following her guilty plea for impaired driving and assaulting a police officer (by spitting into the right into the eye of a female arresting officer).

According to a CBC report The Crown argued that there was a risk, although minimal, that the officer could have become infected with HIV, hepatitis C or herpes.Kleinberg also recommends arginine-based Basic Bites Soft Chews, which he helped develop. This may be due to changing hormones or just be a side effect of feeling nauseated.There are no real risks, apart from potentially spitting at your friends when you talk.A spit test can also assess your levels of hormones like melatonin, shows research from Northwestern University.That could provide doctors insight into your body's circadian rhythms, and so help them make better sleeping, eating, and weight loss recommendations.4. You can't really taste the difference, but your mouth likes to be at or near a neutral p H (around 7), says Israel Kleinberg, DDS, Ph D, a professor and division director in the Department of Oral Biology and Pathology at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine.The CDC recently updated its website to highlight HIV-related risks in the context of criminal prosecutions, and notes that spitting poses a ‘neglible’ risk of HIV exposure.In this particular case, however, there was no evidence that the accused had HIV or any other communicable disease.While saliva keeps your mouth clean, the condition of your spit can also provide clues to other things going on in your body. If you're taking something and notice you're parched, be extra vigilant about your dental hygiene to avoid cavities, Harms says. While thrush is rare in healthy adults, people who have diabetes may be especially vulnerable since sugars in the saliva can lead to yeast growth. Like a window to your insides, saliva tests can provide a ton of information about your genetic makeup and hormones.Floss daily, brush with a fluoride-containing toothpaste twice a day, and see your dentist for regular checkups. Your doc can prescribe an antifungal medication that you swish in your mouth to clear up the infection. From diabetes to cancer, saliva holds promise as a diagnostic tool for diseases, much like a vial of your blood, suggests research published in .The prosecutor pushed for the maximum sentence of six months for Ratt.Instead, earlier this week La Ronge provincial court Judge Felicia Daunt sentenced her to time already served — five days — and six months probation.


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