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At this point the best thing you can do is to understand your child.

At this point the best thing you can do is to understand your child.

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When parents get divorced, the child starts to feel unsure about elements of his or her life that he or she had never questioned before.

Furthermore, the child will typically begin to act out in violent or negative behaviors in an effort to process the feelings of sadness, anger, and disappointment.

At times they are forced to change schools and worst cope with having to change homes most of the time.

This affects the children way of playing, more so if they are separated from the parent that they enjoy a lot of company with. Young ones may have sleeping disorders and bad night mares that they may not be able to sleep alone.

Some children will get the altitude of acting and you may never get the true picture of what they feel.

Others will move out of the home and may be hook up with bad company just to let off some heat.

They never feel secure anymore and their minds get disturbed a lot.

During this time, disciplining the child may only make things worse.

For those at the age of 9 to 15, they understand what a divorce.

Often they express their disappointment and some even take sides.


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