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And then from there, it went viral, no pun intended."I think it speaks about when you are talking about intimacy: it should be between you and that other person.

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With a social scene dominated by fraternities and sororities (a way of life consisting of ardent partying and hooking up, offset by spurts of busywork composing angry letters to campus newspapers and taking online alcohol-education classes), with its large share of rich students displaying their money in the form of expensive cars and clothing, and with an attitude toward campus athletics that is at once deeply southern (this is a part of the world where even high-school athletes can be treated with awestruck deference by adults) and profoundly anti-intellectual, it’s a university whose thoughtful students are overshadowed by its voraciously self-centered ones.

It was from both within this world and outside it that Karen Owen emanated.

I think one of the things we're noticing here, she didn't necessary do that. She made things happen." Gardere replied, "And she was humiliated and talks about that and says, you know, 'What if I had to do this over?

I would never do this again.' I think the bottom line is this is an 'Obama teachable moment.' When it comes to intimacy, keep it between you and that other person." He added, "I can feel bad with her for the simple fact she will probably end up with a reality show.

Then again, says Kerner, Owen deserves some credit for including emotional and intellectual attributes in her ranking system.

A similar ranking system developed by a man might not include humor or intelligence, he says.

In 2009, GQ magazine named Duke America’s second-douchiest college, a distinction that came with a caveat: “They’re probably number one.

But we’d rather not rank Duke number one at anything.” It’s difficult to argue with GQ’s thinking on either score; something ugly is going on at the university—a mercenary intensity that has been gathering strength for the past two decades, as the institution made the calculated decision to wrench itself into elite status by dint of its fortune in tobacco money and its sheer ambition.

Administrators said in a statement, "We've been reaching out to those affected by this incident and will continue to support them."Strassmann pointed out that the athletes named are furious.

And Karen Owen, a 22-year-old Duke alum, may be in for some interesting questions in future job interviews. Jennifer Hartstein, a child and adolescent psychologist, and Dr.


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