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Ansett’s support is via telephone or email but telephone support is only available Monday-Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm Qantas provides a 24x7 telephone accessed internet help desk for assistance with internet bookings.Site Problems Neither site provides good on- line help, relying upon site design and “intuitiveness” to guide users through the use of the various functions provided.The Qantas homepage is a confronting bright red with white text, the colour scheme in the rest of the site being more user- friendly.

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Navigation Both sites have reasonably intuitive navigation with consistency of page switching mechanisms.

Qantas provides a site map to facilitate direct access to required functions, Ansett provides similar functionality via a site index.

This information is accompanied by large, complex graphics requiring significant time and/or bandwidth to download.

The Ansett requirement that users register prior to accessing the flight bookings and fares functions is not as user-friendly as the Qantas approach which allows full access to all flight functions with no pre-registration requirement.

The lack of alternatives to English is a problem in such a multi-cultural country as Australia.

Ansett does provide a Japanese web site but Qantas provides no alternatives to English.Ansett displays more destination information than Qantas but both sites display information about routes, flights, fares, aircraft, travel comfort and corporate details.User feedback Both sites provide facilities to capture user feedback.E-Business Strategy & Management (GBAT9117): Assignment 1 : Linda Stewart : August 2001 Page 3 of 10 Site Functionality Site technical functionality is briefly reviewed below.The sites are technically similar with content rather than contextual differences. E-Business Strategy & Management (GBAT9117): Assignment 1 : Linda Stewart : August 2001 Page 2 of 10 Introduction This paper reviews two Business to Consumer (B2C) Internet sites implemented by two organisations (Qantas and Ansett) in the same industry – air travel. • What are ALL the Returns on Investment in setting up the site (not just financial)?Image Both sites’ homepage facilitates speedy information access.Qantas places flight booking and fare query functions on its homepage whereas Ansett requires users to switch to the appropriate function to book flights and check fares.The evolution of e-business or the uptake of e-business practices has become popular to .... A speculative analysis of electronic commerce business drivers is proposed together with an analysis of revenue generation and returns on investment.is important to anticipate them and make use of them as good as possible .... Business management: statistics, decision support systems, Page 1 of 10 E-Business Strategy & Management (GBAT9117) Assignment 1 Comparative Study of Two E-Business Sites Assignment: Choose two web sites belonging to companies of the same industry. a) For each site: • Briefly describe whether the site is a B2B or a B2C website; • What functions does each site offer? • Briefly describe what technologies enable the user to interact with the site. The paper concludes with a proposition that the construct of each organisation’s web site reflects a fundamental difference in business strategy.


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