Eco-Crime And Justice Essays On Environmental Crime

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Our interest in ‘greening justice’ emerged in the course of researching and writing about pioneering, innovative justice initiatives more generally (see Graham and White 2014; 2015).

It became one of the thematic areas which feature in a larger international research project, ‘Innovative Justice’, which we co-lead.

Accounts from the field of such initiatives and policies are breaking new ground.

They also have a tendency to be mostly descriptive, non-systematic and sporadic, with a narrow focus on individual initiatives or institutions.

Criminal justice institutional interest in ‘greening justice’ is not the same as academic interest in ‘green criminology’.

There is, however, some cross-fertilization and overlap.

In this article, we consolidate available information about such initiatives, revealing knowledge gaps in the extant literature.

Implicit in this exercise is an invitation for others to expand and build on what is chiefly an exploratory and explanatory analysis.

The greening of policing, courts, prisons, offender supervision and community reintegration form the focus of analysis here.

Environmental initiatives in criminal justice have started to capture both professional and public interest in recent years, with periodic media attention turning the spotlight on new ‘green’ initiatives.


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