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International students can still take it but they should note they will take regional versions and will sit papers at slightly different times. It follows a modular structure so you can build the qualification over time.Examinations take place in January, June and October.There will be no refund on fees paid if you withdraw after the enrolment deadline.

Students in other educational systems or taking subjects in a different context may only need to take one or two subjects. Candidates can withdraw from a subject any time up to the exam date.

It might even be possible to withdraw after the exam date.

We can also help you find an exam centre closer to you.

A-level means Advanced level and refers to the overall qualification.

Yes, using the ITS model of combined resource access and online teacher time.

This is not a traditional distance learning model, but by combining the two components you get a more effective outcome (read a Financial Times article on this subject).

International A-levels can be used to access university courses. It is possible to undertake all the learning for your GCE/International A-level exams online with ITS.

We offer both a live lesson option and a video-based option with different levels of support.

However, in terms of entrance into post-secondary and other courses, the qualifications are seen as equivalent.

There are a number of enrollment deadlines dependent on centre location and examination board.


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