Education For All In Pakistan Essay

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Due to this low budget, the government has to rely on foreign aid or grants to support educational programs, which creates much room for embezzlements.24 million children, mostly girls, are out of school and much more languish in dismal classrooms at the mercy of untrained teachers.The Citizens Foundation was founded in 1995 as a response to this crisis and embarked on an audacious journey to educate Pakistan’s most disadvantaged children.22 years later, with more than 1200 School Units, it is one of the country’s leading organizations in the field of education.The TCF model focuses on providing high-quality education for the most unprivileged through purpose-built schools embedded in the heart of Pakistan’s urban slums and rural communities.There seems to be a lack of political will on the government’s part.5- Obsolete examination system: The system by which examinations are conducted at the primary and secondary level is such that, it paves way for corruption.For instance, USAID and UN programs have pumped billions of dollars in Pakistan to support education initiatives but Pakistan has little to show for it, since most of the money received gets wasted through corruption.4- Lack of Government interest: Government hardly ever shows commitment towards fighting corruption in education.Many a times, the chancellors of higher education institutes are still given top positions in lieu of their affiliation or ties with the ruling party.2- Ghost schools/teachers: Ghost schools refer to such schools that exist but only on paper.


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