Education Pioneers Critical Thinking Exercise

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What does this so-called education mean, and what is it all about?This is really a very important question, not only for students, but also for the parents, for the teachers, and for everyone who loves this earth. Is it merely in order to pass some examinations and get a job?

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He agreed to meet with me and collaborate on a I met JR on a busy Friday afternoon at Pioneer.Iconic images were lovingly placed, many playing off each other (soccer Bob Marley standing next to Amma comes to mind).Compared to the frenzy of the hallway during a passing period, the energy here was calm and focused; the feeling suggesting something extraordinary had been going on in here.I don’t remember the class or even what the assignment was, but I do remember doing this project on using “The Socratic Method” as a pedagogical practice, a modified version of the Socratic dialogue, the purpose of which is to help students think for themselves as they come to grips with whatever subject is being taught.The Socratic Method has become the signature pedagogy in every class I have ever taught.Or is it the function of education to prepare us while we are young to understand the whole process of life? Krishnamurti Pioneer High School social studies teacher Jim Robert is known to many, including his students, simply as “JR.” At age 58, he has been teaching for 25 years, 24 of them at Pioneer.In 1996, while teaching a philosophy class to seniors, he began to develop an innovative curriculum idea: how could he create an experience for students to explore self-awareness and self-examination in an academic setting, especially as our culture moves toward test results driven measures of success?I can’t even imagine what a class would look like without these voices.There is nothing that can compare to the electrically charged atmosphere of a classroom of young minds exploring for the very first time the great ideas of history and then recognizing their connection to the present — their own individual lives.Inspired by his belief that “the search for an authentic self is one of the primary tasks of adolescence,” his new curriculum would require a classroom model that fosters a supportive, trusting environment for seniors to navigate life’s philosophical questions together.His hope was that such a class could help students build compassion and strength of character — in his opinion, far better indicators of a senior’s success.


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