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According to his younger sister, Maja, "He had such difficulty with language that those around him feared he would never learn".

When Einstein was around 4 years old, his father gave him a magnetic compass.

Before his job, Einstein did not think Galileo Galilei's idea of Galilean invariance was not completely correct.

Between 1902-1909 he developed the special theory of relativity to correct that.

While he was working there, he wrote the papers that first made him famous as a great scientist.

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Einstein married with a 20-year-old Serbian woman Mileva Marić in January 1903.is a fascinating anthology of Einstein’s observations about life, religion, nationalism, and various other personal topics that engaged his mind in the aftermath of WWI. Without the sense of fellowship with men of like mind, of preoccupation with the objective, the eternally unattainable in the field of art and scientific research, life would have seemed to me empty.” ~ Albert Einstein, Essays In Science gathers Einstein’s articles and speeches dissecting the scientific method in his own theoretical discoveries and contextualizing, with palpable admiration and respect, the work of his scientific contemporaries and historical influences, including Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell, Max Planck, and Niels Bohr.With characteristic blend of wit and idealism, the great genius tackles some of humanity’s most timeless dualities like good vs. What place does the theoretical physicist’s picture of the world occupy among all these possible pictures?Einstein lived in Princeton and was one of the first members invited to the Institute for Advanced Study, where he worked for the remainder of his life.He is widely considered the greatest physicist and one of the greatest scientists of all time.Economic interlinking has made the destinies of nations interdependent to a degree far greater than in previous years.” ~ Albert Einstein, gathers Einstein’s correspondence with Maurice Solovine, his longtime friend and translator, discussing topics across science, politics, philosophy, and religion with remarkable candor and intimacy.Frank, funny and invariably insightful, the letters — which appear in both German and English — offer a rare glimpse of the intersection between Einstein’s private self and his public persona.So in this way Einstein became interested in studying science and mathematics.His compass gave him ideas to explore the world of science.It demands the highest possible standard of rigorous precision in the description of relations, such as only the use of mathematical language can give.” ~ Albert Einstein, captures Einstein’s philosophical reflections on the pace of progress, including prescient topics like Zionism and the global economy, in a collection of essays written between 19 amidst the aftermath of The Great Depression and the turbulent early days of the Cold War.Particularly timely, in light of the recent devastation in Japan, are his thoughts on the double-edged sword of nuclear proliferation. The development of technology and of the implements of war has brought about something akin to a shrinking of our planet.


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