English As A Global Language Essay Topics

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Globalization, which includes these meanings, is the process in which interrelation and interdependence of the world increases, specially in the last two decades.

Technological improvements made easy for people to communicate better, for instance through internet they can communicate, travel and do international businesses easily.

After industrial revolution in 18th century and also during the 20th century many technological inventions such as telephone, electricity, fax, internet, etc became from English language countries.

Countries with the economic and political powers can spread their languages into other countries.

English is the language of technology and internet.

Without knowing English we can’t have a successful life.

English is a vehicle for participation in the global economy.

Parents want their children to learn English to have a better future.

Today, much religion, historic and scientific books are available among different people from different nationalities.

In the 21th century the English language plays an important function in the development of globalization.


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