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Learning, helps me discover my hidden talents, and helps me to overcome the fear and obstacles.I feel that the more I know, the more I am capable of accomplishing what I want, without fear of others’ judgment. Life offers various challenges and we cannot let fear stop us from learning. I was sick and tired of not finding the correct words when trying to have a conversation in English.

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The United States is a homeland full of immigrants and those who are born overseas, however; upon going to the "home of the free," they should discover how to talk English.

There are second and third lifetime immigrants who manage not talk English at all. Approximately 13.8% of per hundred people talk in a language other than English at ...

The English language allows us to relate and therefore to understand each other.

General English Evening Course student Learning, for me, is an opportunity to use what I’ve learned, and, to broaden my horizons and to improve the best version of myself.

Regarding the direction of social policy, questions include the need for an official language, whether individual expression would be infringed, and the effect on cultural diversity.

This report provides background on contemporary efforts to declare English the official language, a review of selected issues raised by official English proposals in Congress, and a summary of arguments that have been advanced in favor of and in opposition to such proposals.

Specific Claim It is asserted that English must be taken as the official language of the United States of America for numerous reasons which have been presented in this research paper.

None of the 30 states with authorized English laws prohibit government bureaus from utilizing another language when there is a convincing public concern for managing so.

Anywhere you want to go in the world you can find someone who speaks English.

If we account only the country where the English language is the official language, the United Kingdom, Australia, U. A., Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the Caribbean countries, there are more than 400 million native English speakers.


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