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I could feel the cold ground on the side of my body. I was wedged between the hood of the car and the dirt. I could see her slowly crawl out of the back seat window then tear away. She had run barefoot to the nearest house to call 911 and my dad. We finally made it into the ambulance and made our way to the hospital. I was in the hospital for six days and in a wheel chair for around eight weeks.The car rustled, every movement of the car pierced my body. I opened my mouth to yell her name but air failed to escape my lips. I have now realized how precious life really is and that it can be taken away in a single minute. One little mishap can result in extreme injury or even death.By the time it was detected, the fire had spread over a number of juggins.

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Because of our belated departure, I went fast, too fast. This road is about three miles long and filled with little hills.

As we broke the top of one of the small, blind hills in the middle of the right lane was a dead deer.

Suddenly, there were shout and cries and a lot of confused noise.

Mother was engaged in the kitchen, preparing tea for me.

My body jolted with the sporadic movements of the car. With my eyes sealed tight, I could feel my body float off the seat of the car. For the first time, intense pain struck my lower half. I pushed against the ground with all my might but I couldn’t move. As I lye on the weed covered ground, several people surrounded me. Strangers kept poking every inch of my body and prodding me with questions that I didn’t have answers to. With a bright orange brace around my neck they slowly pushed me onto a stiff backboard. I was sent to the Denver Memorial Hospital, where I went under surgery that same night around midnight.

I opened my eyes to see the black road in the distance above me. I lay there until my mind comprehended what had happened. The pain was excruciating, nevertheless I could not feel the lower half of my body. Still struggling to move, I felt strong arms glide around my shoulders and under my armpits. I dreamily looked around and saw my sister sitting Indian style next to me, plastered in blood. Each tiny movement they made pierced my lower half like a knife. A plate was put on my hipbones to help them stay together.

They had caught fire and it was raging dangerously. But gradually the fire engulfed the whole of dwellings helped by the swift winds. The poor labourers and workers living there saw their meager belongings burning in the flames. Huge and high columns of smoke and flames were there.

People could do nothing except crying and Derailing at their loss.

My lungs felt pinched shut and air would neither enter nor escape them. All of this took a little longer than usual, not a surprise, so we were running late.

The third maddening buzz of my alarm woke me as I groggily slid out of bed to the shower.


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